About Doctor David Greene, MD, MBA

Doctor David Greene, MD, MBA, is a visionary who has not only been in practice, but has also owned a practice and now works with hundreds of medical practices nationwide on consulting and patient acquisition efforts with US Lead Network.

Doctor Greene remains unique among other marketing professionals for several compelling reasons.

“First off, I’ve been there. I owned a pain management clinic in Phoenix for years, and we ended up obtaining 85% of our patients through my digital marketing efforts. That took hundreds of hours learning how to build websites, write articles and press releases, and make educational videos that people actually wanted to see.”

US Lead Network

After selling the practice, Doctor Greene formed US Lead Network a decade ago utilizing the same effective digital marketing techniques, incorporating them into campaigns for clinics around the country. He says, “What do you know, those marketing methods worked just as well nationwide as they did in Arizona!”

As US Lead Network’s reputation grew as an effective digital marketing leader, healthcare practices from around the country contacted him and are benefiting from the techniques. US Lead Network’s methods do not remain stagnant. According to Doctor Greene, “Just as the search engines change their ranking criteria, you need to use a broad armamentarium of techniques to remain relevant. Most companies are too stagnant with their methods.”

The second compelling reason that makes Doctor David Greene unique is his focus on marketing attribution. This means incorporating tracking methods in campaigns to understand what is leading to patient acquisition success. All one needs to do in order to understand how complicated this can be is to look at the Customer Journey.

“Have you ever wondered how a lead turns into a customer? Think about the last time you bought a car and how many interactions it may have taken. Billboards, car ranking/safety articles, visiting a dealer, talking to friends, etc. These days, there are LOTS of potential interaction touch points with prospects, and gaining a customer typically takes several interactions. Most healthcare clients don’t understand that, so we have to educate,” says Doctor Greene.

Figuring out which marketing channels are working the best entails using methods like conversion and call tracking, conversational analytics and artificial intelligence. This can get very complicated, such as having the AI machine transcribe and analyze phone calls to understand if a particular keyword leads to great lead scores.

A third compelling reason that makes Doctor Greene unique is his focus on education for clients. Since leaving practice, Dr. Greene has been extremely active in education. Videos, ebooks, press releases, Consumer Guides and blogging have generated several million views over the past few years. Doctor David Greene writes a LOT himself, and also maintains an active Content Writing team that is domestic and focused on quality, unique content for clients nationwide.

“When you educate individuals, you can gain a client for life. If you just hype your practice or service, you may get a one time client. There’s a trust factor developed with education, and it’s something I and my team truly enjoy creating,” added Greene.

The focus on education led to Doctor Greene writing two books on Medical Internet Marketing. The books are available on Amazon, and have received rave reviews. In addition to laying out the basics of websites and how search engines work, over twelve different online marketing methods are laid out.

Since online marketing methods are continually being updated at US Lead Network, it’s actually best just to set up a free consultation with Doctor Greene to discuss. He says, “We actually now have a focus on Custom Link Building, Artificial Intelligence and attribution. Most of the book chapters are still accurate and relevant, but I probably need a third edition!”

A fourth compelling reason that makes Doctor Greene unique is his photography background. With a background in professional photography, Dr. Greene is also adept at performing photo shoots for client needs. These are typically included as a value add for all types of website and marketing collateral. This may include practice interior photos, staff photos and possibly photos of providers interacting with patients or performing procedures.
As part of Doctor David Greene‘s company offerings, video shoots and productions have been incorporated as well. These include location shoots, success stories and also whiteboard animation videos, also called explainer videos.

According to Doctor Greene, “Most people in America want to hear about healthcare in layman‘s terms. Or they want to hear from people who have had a similar condition regarding their outcome.

So it’s important to offer that, as opposed to having a provider speak in medical lingo that will not resonate with those who need the information the most.

It’s key to patient education that the content be written in language that they will not only understand, but be able to digest and find useful. Knowledge is power when it comes to making educated healthcare decisions.”


R3 Stem Cell

In 2012, Doctor Greene was at the Arizona State University’s WP Carey School of Business completing his MBA. ASU has consistently been ranked #1 in the country for entrepreneurial innovation, and David’s story is right in line with that.

He created R3 Stem Cell as part of a class assignment, complete with a business plan, proforma, legal analysis and opinions from several key professors at the University. According to Doctor Greene, “The resources at ASU are immense, and they really cater to those trying to engage in new technology efforts. Especially when it has the potential to change so many lives.”

In 2013, the fictional company became real after Greene received the legal analysis and realized he could do it. Since then, the company structure has changed several times, but now includes 38 nationwide Centers of Excellence that have performed over 11,000 regenerative procedures. R3 also offers provider training workshops, and is the ONLY nationwide company to achieve IRB Approval for its umbilical cord regenerative cell therapies.

R3 Stem Cell has produced a Consumer Guide for patients along with several hundred educational videos and participated in an acclaimed stem cell documentary, where Doctor David Greene was extensively interviewed about regenerative therapies in addition to researchers from Stanford, UC Irvine and other prominent institutions.

“I can’t count the amount of success stories we’ve seen over the years. You can see the Success Stories on our web presence, and now we’re collecting data under the IRB.”

R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program

A year ago, Dr. Greene decided to create the R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program. The program is a way to give back to those Heroes who have served American to keep it safe, free and shape the minds of future generations.

Recipients include Military Veterans, First Responders and Teachers. Anyone can be nominated, and people can actually nominate themselves. The winners are chosen without regard to age, ethnicity, location, etc.

“All we want to see is the story in the nomination and what makes that person a Hero. You don’t have to be the person that killed Osama Bin Laden, you could be the woman who taught first grade for thirty years. They are ALL Heroes in our book!”

Nominations are received through https://r3stemcell.com/hero, and the regenerative stem cell therapies occur in Las Vegas during the R3 Stem Cell Provider Training Workshops. Also people may call (844) GET-STEM to start the nomination process.