Doctor David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA
R3 Stem Cell & US Lead Network

In a recent interview, Doctor David L. Greene was asked to sum up the way he looks at life. “I love helping people with innovation and compassion. If you look at my companies, R3 Stem Cell and US Lead Network, we are achieving both every day.”

After excelling in his medical training at University of Virginia, Brown University and then at Beth Israel in NYC, he came to the conclusion after years in practice that the business side of medicine was his calling. Doctor Greene created US Lead Network, which over the past decade has become America’s leading medical internet marketing firm.

After helping hundreds of medical practices achieve cost effective patient acquisition through digital marketing methods, he wrote a book on Medical Internet Marketing. It was very well received, so years later he wrote a second, updated book. “The internet keeps changing, so the best companies need to stay on that leading curve,” says Greene.

This includes incorporating significant content writing, tracking methods, custom websites and artificial intelligence. While most digital marketing companies use dated methods that include old-school ranking and traffic reports, that doesn’t tell the story of what is actually working to bring patients in the door. “You’ve got to take it several steps farther, so we incorporate technology that lets us know what is truly working through the customer journey of patient acquisition.”

These days, prospective patients often need over ten “touch points” in order to make a buying decision. This may include showing up on a Google Search, then retargeting with Facebook, participating in email marketing, etc. It is not always so simple as providers think it is, which is one of the areas Doctor Greene understands very well.

“It’s just not realistic to acquire patients continuously with one click, then an immediate call and scheduling. Over 90% of web visitors who come from paid advertising will NOT contact the practice at that point. So it’s imperative to engage a more holistic approach for patient acquisition. We excel in that, where most fall way short.”

R3 Stem Cell – Leading the Way with Regenerative Therapies

During business school at the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Doctor David Greene created his second company, R3 Stem Cell. At that time in 2011, regenerative therapies were really just becoming known in the United States. After formulating the business plan as part of a business school project, he realized just how many patients could be helped.

After starting the company officially in 2013, R3 Stem Cell has now performed over 16,000 regenerative cell therapies at 38 Centers of Excellence worldwide. Doctor Greene decided to seek IRB approval for the regenerative therapy protocols, which entails considerable time and resources.

“We are the only company in America to have received Institutional Review Board Approval for our regenerative protocols using umbilical and amniotic tissue. It’s a huge feat since IRB’s really look out for patient safety and strenuously review the protocols to make sure the benefits significantly outweigh the risks and patients can truly understand all of the consent forms. We were approved for protocols in seven different condition categories including orthopedic, urologic, cardiac, renal, pulmonary, autoimmune and neurodegenerative, “ clarified Greene.

To date, Doctor David Greene has produced over 200 hundred educational videos on regenerative therapies along with success story videos. In the past two years, these have generated well over a million views. In addition, he wrote a Consumer Guide on Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy which has also generated over 50,000 downloads.

A year ago, Doctor Greene started the R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program. The Program is the first of its kind, offering completely free regenerative cell therapies to Veterans, First Responders and Teachers from around the country. All of the procedures are performed as part of the R3 Stem Cell Provider Training in Las Vegas, with Board Certified doctors who themselves have done hundreds of regenerative procedures.

Anyone can be nominated at, or nominate themselves. Says Doctor David Greene, “It’s just one way we’ve found to give back in a small way to those Heroes who have given so much for America, whether it’s keeping us safe or shaping the minds of future generations.”

Doctor David Greene’s companies have been featured in numerous media outlets. These have included, ABC, Telemundo, Yahoo News, CW, Veteran News and many more.



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